A Shortcut to Create an OmniFocus Task with an Elephant Attached

A Shortcut to Create an OmniFocus Task with an Elephant Attached
February 29, 2020 No Comments Evernote, OmniFocus, Shortcuts Gatekeeper

Using the Notes tab in OmniFocus can be a right drag, especially when you depends on it.

I am sure that we all have issues with the notes tab in OmniFocus. Often it is missed but when it is used the space, the flexibility, the general usage can become a task in itself. As a Project Management Professional I have to ensure that notes are taken throughout a project. These notes can be linked to meetings, reviews, or just a basic to-do list. Most importantly I will find that 80% of my tasks will have notes associated with them. Unfortunately the notes capability is so weak within OmniFocus that I rely on Evernote to capture and manage these. 

“The Procrastination Lair”

As there are more tasks with notes than without I have written a Shortcut, now recently rewritten and based on the MacStories Shortcut, which optionally creates a linked Evernote note each time I create a task. This Shortcut not only saves me a lot of time but it also ensures each note is linked to OmniFocus by placing the URL to the note into the notes tab of the task. 

I have taken the Shortcut created by Federico and inserted a call to Evernote which then creates a note with a standard header, contained within a Text action. It then executes a further command which obtains the URL link that I later save in the OmniFocus task note. 

For those of you with an eagle eye will have noticed that I have removed Federico’s request for a Due Date. I steer away from the use of Due Dates as much as possible unless the task actually has a solid date to which it must be delivered. A Due Date is probably one of the most lethal weapons in a tasks meta-data. If not controlled you will open yourself up to snipes from the dreaded “Lack of Trust” monster and eventually you will slip into “The Procrastination Lair”. 

In place of the Due Date I have put a request for a “best guess” Duration figure. As a long term Project Manager I have grown up with ensuring that tasks have an estimation, even if it is a best guess. I am currently working on a Shortcut that will calculate the amount of time a group of tasks will take, it is one of those tasks that is far easier to say than do.

You can download a copy of my Shortcut for your use. Please, if you do modify and share this Shortcut can you keep the reference to both myself and Federico at MacStories?

All the very best and until next time …

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