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Three steps before writing an iOS Shortcut
June 28, 2020 iOS 13, Shortcuts Mike Kirkham-Jones

The Pyramids in Egypt, the colosseum in Rome, the Mayan palaces in Mexico. All of them thousands of years old and each one sharing the same three steps before building; Design, Design, and Design.

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Workflow Part 3 – Taxiing; Getting Your Tasks Organised
June 16, 2020 OmniFocus, Uncategorized Gatekeeper

Taxi The Taxi is the point at which we move off the Ramp and guide the task to a state that it is ready to taking-off. As with an aircraft, we have to navigate our way around the airfield, each turn another check in our process, so that on the word from the tower (your

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Part 2 Workflow – Left Out on the Ramp
May 28, 2020 OmniFocus Gatekeeper

Part One was not the meatiest of reads but I hope it did set the scene for this first step in my aviation workflow. Now we start to look at each step that I introduced you to in Part One. So, get comfortable and read on about The Ramp. The Ramp? The airport ramp, apron,

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Part 1 Workflow – OmniFocus, GTD and Flying
May 22, 2020 OmniFocus Gatekeeper

For some, the thought of taking their life and putting it into a GTD based system, or for that matter any todo methodology, is a daunting prospect. For others the process just has not clicked yet and they are waiting for that bright light and sense of clarity. Reading David Allens book “Getting Things Done”

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Black-Box iOS Shortcuts and make them more secure
May 13, 2020 Shortcuts Gatekeeper

Learn how to build black-box iOS Shortcuts that can be reused in other shortcuts. Start to make your iOS Shortcuts more readable and give yourself a better level of security and quality.

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A Shortcut to Create an OmniFocus Task with an Elephant Attached
February 29, 2020 Evernote, OmniFocus, Shortcuts Gatekeeper

Using the Notes tab in OmniFocus can be a right drag, especially when you depends on it. I am sure that we all have issues with the notes tab in OmniFocus. Often it is missed but when it is used the space, the flexibility, the general usage can become a task in itself. As a

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A Hidden iOS Feature That Could Genuinely Save You Days Every Year
February 28, 2020 iOS 13 Gatekeeper

A hidden iOS feature that has transformed my daily productivity by saving me over 4 days each year. Have you ever had a website, a document or spreadsheet that you would like transformed into a PDF but cannot find a simple option under the “share” menu to make this happen? I know there are apps

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