A Hidden iOS Feature That Could Genuinely Save You Days Every Year

A Hidden iOS Feature That Could Genuinely Save You Days Every Year
February 28, 2020 1 Comment iOS 13 Gatekeeper

A hidden iOS feature that has transformed my daily productivity by saving me over 4 days each year.

Have you ever had a website, a document or spreadsheet that you would like transformed into a PDF but cannot find a simple option under the “share” menu to make this happen? I know there are apps that can do this in the Apple App Store but surely it is such a routine procedure that it should be on the menu.

“Five working days devoured by a stupid little task.”

 OK, it’s a ‘first world’ problem but it does impact my productivity. At least twice a day I need to produce a PDF from something, and each time I spend approximately 5 minutes finding a tool, loading up the material, and producing the PDF. Let’s be a bit nerdy, twice a day multiplied by 5 minutes, then multiplied by 20 days to give me a value for the month. I do work mostly 6 days each week but for this example we will keep it to 5. I calculate that to be 200 minutes or over 3 hours every month that I spend messing about with PDF files. To be extra nerdy, because I can, that adds up to be 5 working days every year that I waste on just creating PDF files. Five working days devoured by a stupid little task.

I was watching a video post a few weeks ago, unfortunately I have lost which one it was, about hidden features in iOS13. I like to check these things out as I am sure that I have not learned everything yet. Anyways, cut a long story short, I came upon this YouTube video that was showing the hidden features of iOS13 when they mentioned PDFs. My head suddenly popped up from behind a website I was reading, YouTube was running on my TV, and I watched as this chap explained how to create PDFs simply and quickly without the hassle of going into apps.

When you select the Share icon in the item you want to change into a PDF, select the “Print” option from the list of other actions that you can perform on the article. This will then show you a print preview of your items first page. If you now place your two fingers onto the preview and enlarge it, iOS will now magically transform the thing into a PDF file that you can save, print, email, or whatever you want to do.

That took about 30 seconds, one minute of my average day, 20 minutes a month or 4 hours each year. OK, so it is not perfect but in as little as 5 minutes watching a YouTube video I have transformed something that devoured 5 working days each year into just 4 hours.

This is just a small change that has impacted me substantially. I now have 4.5 working days freed up each year, if I can do that to my other little annoyances then I might be able to get a week back.

Life is bliss… How sad am I?

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