Part 1 Workflow – OmniFocus, GTD and Flying

Part 1 Workflow – OmniFocus, GTD and Flying
May 22, 2020 Comments Off on Part 1 Workflow – OmniFocus, GTD and Flying OmniFocus Gatekeeper

For some, the thought of taking their life and putting it into a GTD based system, or for that matter any todo methodology, is a daunting prospect. For others the process just has not clicked yet and they are waiting for that bright light and sense of clarity. Reading David Allens book “Getting Things Done” for some is a life changer but for others they are left wondering what the fuss is all about.

About a year ago, I decided to look at GTD in a different way and place a skin, programmer speak for a new user interface, over the main workflow steps that had been huge hurdles for many of the people I tried to teach. The first part in this rethink had to be identifying something that everyone would be familiar with, something that also pulled together all of the GTD steps. This was not easy, the ideas were plentiful but they just did not fit onto the framework in front of me. Then one evening I was watching a program about flying when it hit me, it was obvious, it was something that had interested me since I was a small boy. Aviation or to be more precise, the flow of a plane from the terminal to flight and eventual arrival. It was something we are all familiar with, whether tourist or business person, we have all gone to the airport and caught a plane to some destination. I was now clear as to the stages involved to get a plane from A to B and I knew how the interaction was with a GTD workflow:

  • The Ramp (or Apron)
  • Taxiing
  • Runway
  • In-Flight
  • Refuel/Stopover
  • Arrival
  • Emergency

Now it was time to put the meat on the bones.

Over the next few weeks I will go into depth for each of the stages above, how it fits into a workflow and, using OmniFocus, how we can setup a system up that we can use on a daily basis and above all understand.

Author: Mike Kirkham-Jones                    Created: 22nd May 2020

Mike Kirkham-Jones is an experienced PMO, Portfolio and Project Manager who is driven to support businesses and those seeking a productive life balance. Mike has written books and created courses that have helped thousands of people progress their careers and productivity. Mike is also an experienced programmer focusing on Swift and Javascript after being a long time Java developer prior to Project Management. Behind Mikes workflow sits a layer of iOS Shortcuts that conform to an optimised and secure ethos that Mike follows throughout his work life and personal life choices.

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